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PLM Integration between Electrical (ECAD) and Electronic (EDA) Systems.

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Integrate PCB with PLM

According to a recent report by the Aberdeen group, Best-in-Class companies are 50% more likely than their competitors to link PCB data with their PLM systems producing the following benefits:


  • Reduce time to market
  • Prevent errors and data loss
  • Create a single source of truth for design content
  • Build a traceable audit trail as an inherent part of the design process
  • Empower engineering to make more effective design decisions early in the process when the cost of change is the lowest

Connect Engineering to the Enterprise

EMA Enterprise Connect enables seamless integration between your PCB design environment and the PLM, MRP, ERP systems driving overall product development and management.


Data & File Management

Support for both component level synchronization as well as full PCB file integration (BOM, CAD files, Gerber) etc.

Bi-directional Connection

Check-in/out, part data update, new project creation is all possible, ensuring engineering and the rest of the product development team are all kept in synch.

Comprehensive PLM Support

Support for ANY PLM, ERP, and MRP environment with our unidirectional Enterprise Link or Bi-directional CAD native Enterprise Integrate technology.

Out-of-the-box Implementation

Standardized connectors built in cooperation with the PLM vendors dramatically reduces the time and cost to implement.

Native Integration

No need for additional PLM licenses. Connect to PLM directly inside the native CAD environment without ever leaving the PCB design software.

Cost & Compliance Aware Design

Provide business and supply chain data to engineering at design time to avoid late stage rework due to part availability and BOM costing issues.

Comprehensive Integration Options

Our unique technology and industry partnerships provides integration capabilities for almost any type of datasource including common PLM, ERP, and MRP solutions such as:




Flexible Connection Models

We support multiple data integration options to best meet the unique needs of your organization. 

Enterprise LinkUniversal data level integration
  • Single direction (PLM, ERP, MRP) to CAD
  • Data level integration
  • View enterprise level data (cost, approved parts, lead-time, etc) in the context of engineering data
  • Scheduled synchronizations
  • PLM agnostic (supports any PLM or data integration source)
Enterprise IntegrateFull bi-directional native integration
  • Bi-directional
  • Data level integration
  • File level integration
  • View enterprise level data (cost, approved parts, lead-time, etc) in the context of engineering data
  • Manufacturing data generation
  • BOM generation and comparison with PLM
  • Templating and workflow management
  • Native PCB CAD plugin
  • Native PLM / File System support for:
    • Oracle Agile
    • Solidworks Enterprise PLM
    • Arena PLM
    • Aras Innovator
    • Infor
    • Windchill
    • Siemens TeamCenter

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Oracle Agile Integration Demo

See how easy Enterprise Integrate makes it to connect OrCAD with Agile providing a seamless workflow and single source of truth for your PCB design data.

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PCB Data Management

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