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Allegro System Capture

Use Allegro System Capture to accurately capture design intent and produce a reliable PCB.
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electronic design automation

Electronic Design Automation (EDA): An Overview

Understanding electronic design automation and how it is used is imperative for choosing the best software tool to optimize your PCBA design process.
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PSpice Simulation Tutorial: How to Convert a Circuit to a Sub-Circuit Model

Learn how to convert a circuit to a sub-circuit model in PSpice.
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Book Cover: Fundamentals of Component Data Management

Fundamentals of Component Data Management

If you are not exactly sure what Component Data Management (CDM) really is, or why it is important to you as an electrical engineer, you are reading the right article at the right time in your career.
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Example of 90° vs 135° trace bends and non-daisy-chain vs daisy-chain routing.

Routing High Speed Signals: Best Practices

Explore design tips for routing high-speed signals for signal integrity, like crosstalk minimization, differential pair and clock traces, and grounding.
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Voltage controlled oscillators

Voltage Control Oscillator Design Overview

Explore voltage control oscillator design: from waveform output, design parameters, to techniques to ensure frequency stable design.
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