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Release to Manufacturing with OrCAD X

Discover features included in OrCAD X Presto to streamline the release to manufacturing process and minimize errors in documentation and file packages.

Release to Manufacturing with OrCAD X

Duration: 1:55

The PCB design is in a constant state of change until its release to manufacturing, increasing the likelihood of errors in PCB documentation. For a successful production, it is vital to ensure the drawings created reflect the correct version of the PCB and the documentation package contains the correct file revisions. LiveDoc helps you create accurate manufacturing documentation with:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable views
  • Predefined templates including common views, tables, and charts
  • Extensive dimensioning
  • Real-Time automatically updates between the PCB canvas and documentation

When the PCB design is finalized, efficiently export and package all the required documentation files for fabrication and assembly with a single click. Release to Manufacturing in OrCAD X allows you to configure the required files for export, define manufacturing packages for specific vendors, and automatically zip packages to guarantee accurate and up-to-date file revisions are sent to manufacturing.

Learn more about how LiveDoc and Release to Manufacturing can help you achieve first-pass manufacturing success with OrCAD X.

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