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OrCAD Capture CIS and CIP Training

This one-day class covers component data management with Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS and the OrCAD Component Information Portal™ (CIP), including product interface fundamentals, automating the part introduction process, and effectively managing the part database.


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What You Will Learn

  • How to manage parts and symbols in a relational database
  • Assigning user privileges
  • Tracking historical changes of active and legacy parts
  • Managing the integrity of active and historical parts
  • How to use distributor searching to locate necessary parts
  • Aligning new part introduction with corporate protocols
  • How to create and formalize new parts
  • Linking legacy data to approved parts
  • Swapping out parts using Link Database Part
  • Finalizing and document the design
  • Managing variants

Course Summary

OrCAD Capture CIS and CIP Training is the course that will maximize your productivity and streamline your component data management process. Learn how to get the most out of OrCAD Capture CIS with this practical training course that is full of insider tips and tricks from the experts. In the OrCAD Capture CIS and CIP Training course you will learn everything from the very basics to advanced time saving automation techniques that will take the pain out of component data management.

Purchase of this course includes 1 year of access to all included course content and materials.

Please note that in addition to making sure you have the software installed, you will also need to import the CIP Starter Database of parts. The Starter Database is required in order to align with the lab steps that accompany e-Learning lessons. Please follow the instructions to install the database parts. The included zipped file contains the PDF instructions plus the Starter_Lib.CSV file that contains all the parts. If you have any difficulties please contact EMA Technical Support.

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