OrCAD Capture CIS

Accelerate your design process and lower project costs with an integrated component information system.
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Centralized Component Data

Provide centralized, shared access to your component library across the organization to avoid redundancy and ensure available and approved parts are being used.

Parametric Part Search

Search for best fit components based on your unique criteria including, value, tolerance, cost, and status.

Streamlined Libraries

Avoid redundancy and reduce errors with on-the-fly mapping of parametric data to your schematic symbols.

Temporary Part Management

Don’t let adding new parts slow the design process down. Enable designers to work with placeholder parts that can be replaced with approved versions once ready.

Design Variants

Easily manage board assembly variations without having to maintain duplicate schematics or manually edit individual BOMs.

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Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD Capture CIS datasheet.

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Make Component Data Your Competitive Advantage

According to the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class companies see their component data as a way to build differentiation from the competition.



Consider their component libraries as critical IP



Employ a centralized library management strategy

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Looking to Automate Component Data Acquisition and Management?

Enhance the OrCAD CIS with real-time access to external component data sources, permissions management, and the ability to manage your data from a web browser.

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Built on OrCAD Capture

OrCAD Capture CIS is built on the industry standard schematic editing platform, OrCAD Capture. Learn why OrCAD Capture is the most popular schematic capture program on the market today.

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Component data at your fingertips

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