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OrCAD X automated trace routing

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Since switching to OrCAD now when I send my designs to fab, it always gets manufactured and is exactly what I asked for.
Vitaly Degryarov
President, Phantom Motion

What's Included in Your OrCAD X Free Trial

Get unrestricted access for 30 days to the comprehensive OrCAD X PCB Design workflow covering all aspects of design from start to finish.

Find the Right Solution for Your Design Needs & Budget

One size does not fit all. Leverage our flexible license and product configurations to find the right fit for your design needs. Seamlessly adjust your product mix as your design needs grow (no re-training required).

OrCAD X Trial FAQs

OrCAD X is the next generation PCB design platform built to optimize user productivity and efficiency. It includes a full suite of design best-in-class design solutions for schematic capture, PCB layout & routing, in-design analysis, supply chain intelligence, data management, DFM, and more. OrCAD is used by over 40,000 companies worldwide to design many of the biggest and most successful products on the market today.

The OrCAD X free trial includes 30 day unrestricted access to the OrCAD PCB Designer Professional Plus suite. This suite includes PCB Design, 3D, Constraint Management, Simulation, and more. Learn more about the OrCAD X PCB design suites.

OrCAD X is built for Windows usage (windows 10 and above). If you are looking for Linux based PCB design solutions, you can explore our Allegro line.

Access to OrCAD starts at $600/yr. You can view the latest OrCAD pricing and configurations here. Our team of design experts would be happy to help guide you in the right solution for your needs and budget.

Yes. OrCAD includes translators for most CAD systems. We can also support you with translation services if needed to ensure a quick and effective transition without burdening your team.

Yes! We have lots of free and paid training options to help you maximize your investment in OrCAD. All our courses (free & paid) include a certification of completion, and our paid courses include the ability to get OrCAD certified as well.

EMA has been supporting the OrCAD product for over 25 years. Our team is here via phone, email, and web to help ensure your projects go smoothly.

OrCAD has embedded simulation engines for SPICE and SI analysis that can be run as you design enabling you to find and fix design issues virtually before going to prototype. These in-design analysis engines are built to help reduce your overall design time and make release to manufacturing smooth and error free.

No. OrCAD X is cloud optional with included access to data hosting and additional supply chain intelligence features. It is entirely your choice if you want to leverage these cloud features or host your data on your own.

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