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In-Design Route Guidance

Improve design accuracy and prevent errors with real-time visual feedback and notifications.

One-Click Electrical Checks

Quickly identify signal quality issues across your entire board with just the push of a button.

Design for Manufacture Throughout the Design Process

Fix DFM issues as they happen and avoid long post process DFM reviews and expensive back & forth with manufacturing.

Intelligent Automation Where You Need It the Most

Let us handle the repetitive, mundane tasks (like fanouts) for you automatically so you can focus on the big picture.

PCB Design Built by PCB Designers

Enjoy a routing engine honed by the best PCB Designers in the business to optimize efficiency and accuracy throughout every step of the design process.

Analysis with Actionable Results

Best-in-class simulation capabilities, like sensitivity analysis, are built right in allowing you to optimize for performance, efficiency, and cost.


“I never considered using anything other than OrCAD for our designs. I don’t really have an alternative! If I had to choose something, it would be OrCAD. We use OrCAD to integrate, allowing us to move on from a concept to an actual product. That’s what OrCAD will do for us.” 


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