Constraint Designer EE

Effortlessly manage your high-speed, PCB design rules

Easily Communicate Design Intent Throughout Product Development

Intelligent Design Decisions Start with Accurate Information

Communicating design intent is an important aspect of any project. With designs increasing in complexity, ensuring information is accurately relayed can be a challenge. One missed piece of information can lead to a cascade of incorrect design decisions, often not found until later stages of the design cycle. With Constraint Designer EE, easily define, communicate, and manage design intent by making design rules an inherent part of your process. Now you can be confident knowing design intent and information is relayed accurately, allowing you to make intelligent design decisions and avoid costly headaches.

Easily Set and Reuse Design Rules

With time to market a crucial aspect of any design, reducing time spent on monotonous tasks is vital to the success of a project. With Constraint Designer EE, you can save time by creating and reusing rule sets throughout your entire design.

Effortlessly Create and Manage Differential Pairs

With high-speed designs becoming the norm, the use of differential pairs to reduce electromagnetic noise is becoming commonplace. However, ensuring you adhere to rules required for them to behave properly can be tedious and error prone. With Constraint Designer EE, confidently create differential pairs, and easily define and visualize all the necessary rules associated with differential pairs so they are certain to function as intended.

Easily Create Complex DDR Constraints

Routing DDR and high-speed bus interfaces can be one of the most daunting tasks in your design. Just getting all the various signal relationships and requirements defined and understood can feel like a PhD thesis on its own. With the new bus designer, all you need to do is simply describe the bus you are trying route and Constraint Designer EE will handle generating the appropriate constraints automatically.

Streamlined Constraint Creation

Accurately describe your design intent so you can avoid issues down the road. Constraint Designer EE includes support for items such as backdrill settings, pin-delay, via lists, etc. With Constraint Designer EE, you have the flexibility to define as many or as few rules as you need to ensure design success.

Layer-Based Rules

Defining the design specifications at the schematic level, will result in less room for interpretation in the PCB layout. With multi-layer boards, rules become difficult with spacing, line-width, and rules for diff pairs or DDRs defined on a layer-by-layer basis. With Constraint Designer EE, you can create detailed, layer-based rules and accurately communicate your design intent from schematic to PCB.

Seamless, Bi-Directional Integration

In a PCB design project, the only constant is change. Whether it’s changes to the features set, mechanical housing, general timeline, or target product cost, these changes need to be adjusted and managed within your design rules. Constraint Designer EE enables you to review constraint changes between schematic and PCB to verify proper design intent is being maintained. While change may be inevitable, Constraint Designer EE helps keep your design requirements in sync throughout the entire project.

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