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EMA OrCAD e-Learning teaches OrCAD design tools at your own pace with self-guided, online training classes. Includes one-year access to videos, labs, and comprehensive training materials for OrCAD® CaptureCIS/CIPEngineering Data ManagementPCB Editor, and PSpice courses.

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OrCAD Capture Essentials

Course Overview: Learn all the necessary steps required to create a schematic using OrCAD Capture. New users will learn the essentials needed to generate a design, how to navigate the tool, run DRC checks, prep the design for netlisting, and generate BOMs. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. What You Will Learn:

  • How to build new parts and symbols
  • Design-checking best practices
  • Techniques for assigning reference designators
  • Creating a BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Adding part and net properties
  • Creating flat designs

Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

OrCAD Certification Included*

PSpice Essentials

Course Overview: PSpice® Essentials for Simulation training builds on the design entry essentials learned in the Capture class and adds new skills to enable simulation directly from the Capture environment. This class is ideal for both new PSpice® users and experienced engineers who need to maximize the performance of their circuits. Students should have recently completed the one-day Capture Essentials class as this class builds on the schematic design foundational skills learned in that class Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. What You Will Learn:

  • Run DC bias, DC sweep, AC sweep, and transient analysis
  • Edit stimulus to create any kind of input waveform
  • How tolerances work and how they affect convergence
  • Run sweeps using parametric analysis
  • Bring models from the internet into PSpice
  • Run monte carlo and worst case analysis’
  • Create linear and non-linear transformers
  • Model parts mathematically using ABMs (Analog Behaviour Models)
  • Run digital and mixed-signal simulation

Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

OrCAD Component Data Management with CIS and CIP

Course Overview: This one-day class will cover component data management with Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS and the OrCAD Component Information Portal™ (CIP), including product interface fundamentals, automating the part introduction process, and effectively managing the part database. Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have a pre-requisite knowledge and proficiency in OrCAD Capture Schematic editing. What You Will Learn:
  • Manage parts and symbols in a relational database
  • Assign user privileges
  • Track historical changes of active and legacy parts
  • Manage the integrity of active and historical parts
  • Use distributor searching to locate necessary parts
  • Align new part introduction with corporate protocols
  • Create and formalize new parts
  • Link legacy data to approved parts
  • Swap out parts using Link Database Part
  • Finalize and document the design
  • Manage variants
Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

OrCAD Engineering Data Management

Course Overview: OrCAD EDM (Engineering Data Management) is a collaborative environment which enables teams of engineers to work on a single Cadence OrCAD Capture design file. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge required to effectively manage your team within the OrCAD EDM Environment. New users will learn how to navigate the tool as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the product. This course takes approximately 5-6 hours and is available as a one-day Virtual Training. Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have a pre-requisite knowledge and proficiency in OrCAD Capture Schematic editing. What You Will Learn:

  • How to assign roles based on tasks
  • How to set up users, assign privileges
  • Template and project best practices
  • How to manage libraries and assign symbols to team members
  • Adding parts to master libraries
  • How to activate OrCAD EDM within PCB Editor so all PCB and related files become a part of EDM-managed projects

Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

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