OrCAD PCB Designer Suite

Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer Suite

OrCAD PCB Design Suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you need to meet today's toughest design challenges.

Cadence® OrCAD® PCB Design Suites contain all the capabilities necessary to quickly and effectively bring your PCB design project to market. The combination of schematic entry, PCB editing, and simulation and analysis tools, create a fully integrated design flow to take you from concept to production. At the professional level additional functionality is added for auto/interactive routing as well as interfaces for manufacturing, and mechanical CAD. OrCAD Design Suites provide the best combination of performance and features for the price.

The PCB Design Suites contain proven Cadence OrCAD and Allegro® technology for a consistent design process. These tools have been some of the most popular in the industry because they deliver predicable results. Translation issues are eliminated by using tools designed to work together, saving time and reducing errors. Designers can be sure they won't hit roadblocks or encounter unexpected challenges with the OrCAD tools.

These OrCAD suites provide excellent scalability with a variety of options to add capabilities as your design needs increase. Check out the suites tab to learn about the packages we offer. Options include: 256 layer autorouting, component data management, FPGA PCB co-design, full signal integrity analysis, advanced analysis and analog mixed signal simulation.

  • Proven, scalable, cost-effective PCB editing and routing solution that grows as needed
  • Provides a complete interconnect environment
  • Includes a comprehensive feature set
  • Features a front-to-back constraint management system for constraint creation, management, and validation
  • Increases productivity through application integration

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OrCAD PCB Designer suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you need to meet today's toughest design challenges.

PCB Placement & Interactive Etch Editing
Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor is an easy-to-use PCB layout editing tool for creating and editing simple to complex PCBs.
Industry-Standard Schematic Entry
Cadence OrCAD Capture is the most widely used schematic design solution, supporting both flat and hierarchal designs from the simplest to the most complex.
3D – ECAD/MCAD Design & Collaboration
View and share your design in 3D with full STEP model support. OrCAD PCB Editor makes it easy to ensure your design will fit BEFORE you build it.
Automated Routing Technology
Cadence SPECCTRA® for OrCAD solves the challenges of complex interconnect routing with powerful, automated technology.
Simulation & Full Signal Integrity Analysis
Integrated Simulation & Full Signal Integrity Analysis is a requirement to ensure compliance with many of the high speed standard interfaces in use today.

Production Proven and Scalable
OrCAD PCB design technologies combine production-proven OrCAD and Allegro technologies into comprehensive front to back solutions.

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OrCAD 16.6 has been reconfigured into a Lite, Standard, and Professional offering. With these offerings users can be more selective about which features they pay for by purchasing the suite with the tools they require for their design projects. Below is a summary of the Suites and their features, you can also view the Complete Feature Matrix.

OrCAD PCB Design Suite Standard
OrCAD PCB Design Suite Professional
OrCAD PCB Professional with PSpice
Capture Schematic Entry
PCB Editing

Differential Pair Support

Physical and Spacing Rules

Electrical Rules and Constraints

Manufacturing Outputs

3D Visualization
Signal Integrity Analysis

256 Layer Autorouting
  Option Option
Analog Simulation with PSpice
PSpice Advanced Analysis
  Option Option
Component Data Management
Option Option Option
FPGA PCB Co-Design
Option Option Option
Advanced SI Analysis
Option Option

OrCAD PCB Designer Lite
OrCAD Lite is a free software that allows for evaluation and experimentation with OrCAD PCB software; introducing users to all the features and functionality available in OrCAD technology. OrCAD Lite is designed to give users a real life OrCAD experience, and is a great introductory PCB design tool for the less experienced designer. Demos in the Lite version include an OrCAD-level PCB Editor, OrCAD Capture, CIS, SPECCTRA for OrCAD, PSpice A/D, and advanced analysis.

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard

OrCAD Standard replaces older basic versions of OrCAD. Features include schematic entry, PCB editing, manufacturing outputs, 3D visualization, and the option to add component data management, FPGA PCB co-design, and full signal integrity analysis.

OrCAD PCB Designer Professional
OrCAD Professional includes more functionality for constraint management, advanced PCB editing, and upgraded placement. The Professional Suite brings advanced technology to the mainstream, allowing designers to define rules in the initial stages of the design process using a simple spreadsheet interface. This constraint-driven design flow accelerates the time to first-pass design success, while reducing the overall costs of end products. With constraint manager you can define rules for: Individual nets, differential pairs, regions, specific layers, specific rules for nets on layers, and more.

PCB Designer Professional allows for advanced PCB editing by providing full differential pair support. This support allows for automatic pair generation, interactive routing, and real time rule checking using Constraint manager. Users can receive instant feedback on whether they are meeting routing requirements with a real-time heads up display. Automated testpoint and fixture generation is also included in the Professional Suite.

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Cadence® OrCAD® Capture is the industry standard in PCB schematic entry, it is one of the most popular systems because of its intuitive use model and out-of-the-box capabilities.
DataSheet (PDF)
This demonstration will highlight how easy it is to download part distributor information directly into OrCAD Capture CIS, how CIP can help automate new part requests, and much more...
See a quick introduction to CircuitSpace and learn how this productivity tool can help you reduces PCB layout time by up to 50%.
This new free OrCAD app enables you to create intelligent searchable PDFs. Learn how.
This short video provides a compilation of recent productivity improvements added to OrCAD PCB Editor like 3D Viewing, Multi Trace Routing,Arc Editing, and more.
See how PCB Editor makes multi-trace routing easy with this short video
Cadence® OrCAD® Signal Explorer helps engineers address signal integrity issues throughout the design process from the conceptual schematic through placement and final routing.
DataSheet (PDF)
CircuitSpace® AutoClustering technology, intelligent design (IP) reuse, and replication technology can reduce board placement time from weeks to minutes.
DataSheet (PDF)
Cadence® OrCAD® PCB design suites combine industry-leading, production-proven, and highly scalable PCB design applications to deliver complete schematic entry, simulation, and place-and route solutions.
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Cadence® PSpice® A/D combines industry-leading, native analog and mixed-signal engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution.
DataSheet (PDF)
Cadence® OrCAD® PCB Designer products help companies stay competitive in today’s electronics market with scalable production proven tools.
DataSheet (PDF)
A detailed comparison of the Cadence OrCAD and Allegro design tools.
DataSheet (PDF)
OrCAD Capture provides a seamless integration singal integrity simulation allowing designers to quickly run simulations at the design stage and transfer data back to the schematic in terms of design rules.
This video shows how easy it is to perform quick and accurate SI analysis on nets in OrCAD PCB Editor.
See how OrCAD PCB Editor allows you to bridge the gap between ECAD and MCAD with STEP model support.
Learn how to access to use the STEP model capabilities in PCB Editor. View, Analyze, and Share your designs in 3D!

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