EDABuilder 3.0

EDABuilder 3.0

Complete Front to Back Library Creation

  • Extract schematic symbol library data directly from the PDF datasheet
  • Build libraries in a fraction of the time to IPC-7351 or custom specifications
  • Generate 3D STEP models for your components as part of your library creation process
I feel more comfortable knowing the tool [EDABuilder] is making the part accurately, especially when I’m in a time crunch. Even a mistake as small as missing a single pin is $3,000-$6,000 if we don’t catch it.
- Mike Crittenden, PCB Designer
Technology Services Corporation

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3D STEP Footprint

Automated 3D PCB Model Creation

EDABuilder 3.0 enables users to automatically generate 3D STEP models directly from the footprint data in the EDABuilder footprint calculators making 3D model creation an inherent part of the PCB library development process. Release 3.0 covers 100% of the surface mount parts specified in the IPC-7351 standard as well as a large selection of thru-hole devices.

For OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor users the generated 3D models are automatically oriented and associated with the PCB footprint making it very easy to build accurate mechanical models for accurate clearance checking and analysis.
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Complete Library Creation Environment

Fully supporting the development of schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D mechanical models EDABuilder is the only unified library design environment that has:
  • Advanced PDF extraction technology
  • Purpose built spreadsheet based symbol creation environment
  • Parameterized footprint builder with full IPC 7351 support
  • 3D STEP file generation
  • Comprehensive library validation checks
  • Multi-CAD Exports
EDABuilder Comprehensive Screenshot
Verified Parts

Correct By Construction Design

EDABuilder ensures your libraries are built right the first time; every time. With automated checks and built-in industry standard format support, you will never have to worry about bad libraries causing design issues. EDABuilder allows you to:
  • Verify the symbol vs. the footprint to ensure correctness during design time
  • Import existing libraries or component databases to validate library accuracy even after they have been built
  • Support for IPC-7351 standard calculators to ensure your footprints are within IPC spec (of course we all support custom standard definitions if you need those as well).

Support for Multi-CAD Design Flows

EDABuilder delivers support for multiple CAD flows providing a single source for library development regardless of your PCB CAD tool. With options to export completed libraries to multiple CAD flows at once librarians no longer need to build the same parts multiple times in each of the PCB tools used throughout their organization.
CAD Exports
These are Just Some of the Features in EDABuilder 3.0.
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