Design Review and Markup

This lesson demonstrates how to generate comments using design review and markup in OrCAD X PCB Designer 23.1. After you complete this topic, you will be able to:

  • Add comments to a PCB design file
  • Review comments from other designers

To follow along, continue with the design from the previous lesson or use the downloaded materials.

If materials were not downloaded at the start of the walk-through, they can be accessed in the Materials tab of this lesson.

Design Review and Markup Video

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Adding Comments

Markup in OrCAD X PCB

Step 1: Select the Markup icon on the toolbar or Tools > Markup from the menu to open the Comments panel.

Step 2: In the Comments panel, select New Comment.

Step 3: Zoom into the desired section of the board.

Step 4: Type the comment into the Comment bar.

Note: Tag coworkers using the ‘@’ symbol and their username.

Step 5: Select the Draw Rectangle icon.

Note: To draw an arrow, hover your mouse over the draw rectangle button and click to select the arrow tool.

Adding Comments in OrCAD PCB with Markup

Step 6: Click to begin the rectangle. Move the mouse to draw the rectangle over the area of interest on the PCB and click to finish the rectangle.

Performing Design Review and Markup in OrCAD PCB

Step 7: Click Submit.

Note: The comment has been embedded into the design database and is now accessible for any users to review.

Reviewing Comments

Step 8: Open the board file in OrCAD X.

Note: Design Review and Markup is also available in OrCAD X Presto 23.1 and Allegro X 23.1, allowing seamless design reviews with team members.

Step 9: Select the Markup icon on the toolbar or Tools > Markup from the menuto open the Comments panel.

Step 10: View the comments. Click the comment to be brought to the location on the PCB.

Design Review and Markup in OrCAD

Step 11: Click the icon of the PCB to bring up a snapshot of the PCB when the comment was recorded.

Step 12: Click in the @Mention or Comment box and type a response to the comment. Click Submit.

Resolving Comments in OrCAD PCB

Step 13: Click the ellipsis at the top of the comment and select Resolve.

Note: Here you can also edit and delete comments.

Step 14: In the Comments panel, click the Comment icon to turn off visibility of the comments.

Step 15: Repeat this process as needed to efficiently communicate with team members and perform design reviews.

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