Getting Started

This topic will assist in setting up the downloaded design files, allowing you to follow along with the Capture Walk-through series for OrCAD X Capture 23.1.

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Downloading Materials

Step 1: Select the Materials tab for this lesson.

Step 2: Click to download the Capture 23.1 Getting file to your computer.

Step 3: Extract the file to your working directory.

Note: This directory contains a Smart PDF of the completed design, two schematic library files, and a folder containing PCB footprints and padstacks. Each lesson from Lesson 2 onward provides a .zip file containing a starting design file for that lesson.

Configuring Materials

Copying the Schematic Library

Step 4: From the provided materials, copy the CAPTURE TUTORIAL2.OLB file.

Step 5: In another window of File Explorer, navigate to the standard OrCAD Capture Library location: C:\Cadence\SPB_23.1\tools\capture\library.

Step 6: Paste the file to this location.

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