PCB Essentials Course Overview

This course provides in-depth instruction on PCB design in OrCAD, as well as important tips from our PCB design experts to ensure you get the most out of OrCAD PCB Editor. Throughout this course, you will learn essential PCB Editor features to help you create successful PCB designs such as:

  • Component placement
  • Creating copper shapes
  • Constraint management
  • Interactive routing
  • Generating manufacturing documentation

Each lesson in this course is comprised of a:

  • Video presentation for education on the essentials of PCB design with OrCAD
  • Interactive presentation for in-depth, self-paced learning
  • Video demonstration showing you how to implement these skills
  • Interactive demonstration for hands-on experience and practice with PCB design in OrCAD.

With the ever-more-compact and complex designs of today, creating a functional and manufacturable PCB is increasingly difficult. With the advanced functionality of OrCAD PCB Designer, you can efficiently design PCBs and achieve first-pass design success.

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