Save As and Archiving

This walk-through demonstrates the “Save As” and “Archive” features. After you complete this topic, you will be able to:

  • Use the Save As functionality
  • Archive a PSpice project

To follow along, continue working with the design completed in PSpice Walk-through 7 or open the provided board file in the folder directory, PSpice Walk-through 8_Save As and Archive.

If materials were not downloaded in the beginning of the walk-through, they can be accessed through the Materials tab above for this lesson.

Open in New Window

Step 1: In the Project Hierarchy, select Design Resources.

Step 2: Select File > Save Project As from the menu.

Step 3: Browse and select a new Destination Directory.

Note: This cannot be within your old project folder.

Step 4: Enter a Name for your project.

Note: The settings area of the dialog provides additional options: rename your DSN to match your project and to copy all referred files that are either within or out of the project folder.

Step 5: Select OK.

Note: Creating a new project enables you to preserve the original project while you continue to update your new project.

Step 6: Select File > Archive Project from the menu.

Note: This selection compresses all the PSpice files into one convenient zip file. This enables you to easily share your schematics and simulation files with colleagues.

Step 7: Use the check boxes presented in this dialog to select the type of files you want to include in your zip file.

Step 8: Browse to select a directory location where you want to archive the zip file.

Step 9: Select OK.

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