Lesson 3: Wiring and Net Aliases

This walk-through demonstrates how to connect and wire PSpice parts. After you complete this topic, you will be able to:

  • Place wires manually
  • Automatically wire connections
  • Assign net names

To follow along, continue with the design from the previous topic or use the provided materials.

If materials were not downloaded at the beginning of the walk-through, files for this lesson can be accessed through the materials tab above.

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Wiring the Schematic Manually

Step 1: Select Place > Wire from the menu, the Wire button from the toolbar, or press W on the keyboard.

Step 2: Click the base of Q1 to begin running a wire. Click the top terminal of R1 to finish.

Note: If you make a mistake, press Escape on the keyboard to finish routing. Select the wire and press Delete.

Step 3: Click the collector of Q1 and click the left terminal of R2 to finish.

Step 4: Route the connections between V1, the emitter of Q1, and ground in the same manner.

Wiring the Schematic

Step 5: Route the connection between R2 and V1 and R1 and V2 in the same manner.

Step 6: Right-click and select End Wire or press Escape on the keyboard when finished.

Wiring Connections Automatically

Step 7: Select Place > Auto Wire > Two Points from the menu.

Wiring Connections Automatically

Step 8: Click the bottom terminal of V2. Move the cursor to the ground junction.

Note: A guideline will connect the intended pins.

Step 9: Click to automatically create a connection between V2 and ground. Right-click and select End Mode (Esc).

Placing Net Aliases

Step 10: Select Place > Net Alias from the menu, the Net Alias button on the toolbar, or press N on the keyboard.

Note: Using net aliases make it easier to understand simulation results.

Step 11: Name the alias Q1B and click OK.

Step 12: Click to place the alias on the base of Q1.

Step 13: Right-click and select Edit Properties or press N again on the keyboard.

Step 14: Name the alias OUT and click OK.

Placing Net Aliases

Step 15: Click to place the alias between the collector of Q1 and the left terminal of R2.

Step 16: Right-click and select End Mode (Esc).

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