Course Overview

The first step in creating any PCB is to document your design intent with a visual representation of the circuit functionality.

This course will teach you industry best practices and how to use OrCAD Capture to complete a schematic. Each lesson in this course is comprised of a:

  • Video presentation to teach you about OrCAD Capture and the included schematic functionality
  • Interactive presentation for in-depth, self-paced learning
  • Video demonstration showing you how to implement these new skills
  • Interactive demonstration for hands-on experience and practice creating a schematic in OrCAD Capture

Throughout this course you will learn how to:

  • Configure preferences for schematic entry
  • Create parts and schematic symbols
  • Access a library of parts
  • Place parts
  • Establish connectivity through wiring, buses, and net aliases
  • Navigate the schematic
  • Prepare the schematic for PCB layout

Creating a schematic, or visual representation of the circuit, that is clear and easy to understand provides a solid foundation for the PCB design while making planning and troubleshooting easier. OrCAD Capture allows you to easily create and document a schematic for efficient collaboration and standardization.

EMA Design Automation