OrCAD Constraint Driven Design

Experience the OrCAD Advantage: Constraint Driven Design

  • Complete Front-to-Back Constraint Driven Design Environment
  • Simple and Intuitive Spreadsheet Based Constraint Entry
  • Automatically Derive Constraints Based on Simulation Results
  • Constraints Evaluated in Real-Time With On-Screen Feedback
  • Comprehensive Verification Tools to Ensure First Pass Success

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The OrCAD Constraint Driven Design Flow

1. Define

Design constraints can come from many different sources. Hand written notes, previous designs, simulation results, vendor application notes, etc. The OrCAD constraint driven flow supports all these constraints sources providing a simple and flexible interface to specify your constraints directly within the OrCAD PCB environment and make them an inherent part of your PCB project.

2. Apply

Once you have decided on your desired set of design rules OrCAD provides a simple spreadsheet based interface to enter these rules into your design database. Rules entered in the schematic flow automatically to the PCB (and vice-versa) providing a complete bi-directional flow. Embedding the rules into the PCB project itself ensures that your design intent will be maintained throughout the PCB design process and your entire team will be on the same page.

3. Implement

Because OrCAD allows you define constraints as part of your design files implementing a design to match your requirements becomes a much easier task. As the designer begins to place and route the board, OrCAD performs real-time checking against the defined design rules. The instant a violation is detected a warning is issued to the designer directly on screen so they can review the rule violated and correct the problem.

4. Verify

OrCAD provides a full suite of design verification tools to ensure first-pass success. Built in SI tools can run post-route simulations against your design database directly inside the PCB environment to ensure good signal quality for your critical nets. DFM or DFF checks are available to test the manufacturability of your board as well. From comprehensive post-route simulation to advanced design for manufacturing checks OrCAD design teams can proceed to manufacturing with confidence knowing their design has been rigorously vetted.
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