Advanced PCB for Rigid-Flex Course Overview

Rigid-flex PCBs require multiple stack ups and additional design considerations that can be difficult to manage. OrCAD PCB Designer offers advanced functionality and a variety of constraint options to efficiently design rigid-flex boards.

The Advanced PCB Training for Rigid-Flex focuses on the skills you will need to manage the complexities of rigid-flex designs.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage zones
  • Design with multiple stack ups
  • Use region-based constraints
  • Perform design rule checks between layers

Each lesson in this course is comprised of a:

  • Video presentation for education on the advanced rigid-flex capabilities in OrCAD
  • Interactive presentation for in-depth, self-paced learning
  • Video demonstration showing you how to implement these skills
  • Interactive demonstration for hands-on experience and practice with rigid-flex designs in OrCAD
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