Advanced PCB Editor Course Overview

Take your PCB design knowledge to the next level with the Advanced PCB Editor Training. This course expands upon the knowledge obtained in the PCB Editor Essentials Training to address additional design complexities and help you design more efficiently.

The Advanced PCB Editor Training course demonstrates a wide selection of features to help users design complex PCBs, rigid-flex boards, incorporate Design for Manufacturing, and provides tips for accelerating the PCB layout.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Configure boards with multiple stackup regions
  • Create and assign electrical constraints
  • Design with differential pairs
  • Implement DFM rules
  • Define inter-layer checks
  • Add test points
  • Streamline PCB design with technology files and component placement replication

Each lesson in this course is comprised of a:

  • Video presentation for education on the advanced PCB design functionality
  • Interactive presentation for in-depth, self-paced learning
  • Video demonstration showing you how to implement these skills
  • Interactive demonstration for hands-on experience and practice with advanced PCB design techniques
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