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Advanced PCB Editor Training Bundle

Throughout this course, you will learn advanced features to complete cutting-edge PCBs accurately and efficiently.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to customize your PCB Environment for improved efficiency
  • How to configure a board with multiple stackups
  • How to assign stackups to specific regions on a PCB
  • How to create, modify, and assign electrical constraints
  • How to implement physical and electrical constraints for differential pairs
  • How to route and analyze rule violations for differential pairs
  • How to assign constraints to specific regions on a PCB
  • How to define and analyze inter-layer checks for rigid-flex designs
  • How to create, assign, and analyze constraints for DFF, DFA, and DFT
  • How to reuse IP and replicate component placement
  • How to route and optimize traces in the PCB layout
  • How to automatically and manually add test points to the design
  • How to generate and use technology files to expedite the PCB design
  • How to enable and design with dynamic pad suppression

Course Summary

This Advanced PCB Training expands upon the knowledge and skills learned in the Essential PCB Editor Training Course.

Learn efficient methods for incorporating constraints, designing for manufacturability (DFM), producing rigid-flex designs, and accelerating the PCB design process in OrCAD.

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