Capture Walk-through 5: Net Aliases

This OrCAD Capture tutorial demonstrates how to assign and edit net aliases. After you complete this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Place net aliases
  • Add a new net alias to multiple nets and buses

If you would like to follow along with this tutorial, you can visit our walk-through page to view video tutorials and download design files. To follow along with this tutorial, continue with the design you completed for Capture Walk-through 4 or use the design file, CAPTURE TUTORIAL 5_NET ALIASES.DSN.

Reference the provided Smart PDF, capture tutorial.pdf, to assist with net alias placement.

  1. Select Place > Net Alias from the menu (N).

2. Type the name and click OK.

3. Click to place on every net with that net name.

Note: To rotate, use the R key on the keyboard.

4. Right click and Edit Properties.

5. Add the new net name and select OK.

Note: Net aliases for buses can be assigned in the same way.

6. Place all aliases for nets and buses according to the provided Capture Tutorial.PDF.

7. Right click and select End Mode (ESC).

Note: By adding the same net alias to multiple nets, you do not need to physically connect them in the schematic. If your net has a number at the end of the name, this will be incremented every time you place the net alias.

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