PCB Walk-through 9: Manufacturing Export

This walk-through demonstrates how to generate manufacturing export files. After you complete this topic, you will be able to: 

  • Generate IPC-2581 output 
  • Generate Gerber Artwork files 
  • Generate NC Drill file 

To follow along, continue working with the design completed in PCB Walkthrough 8 or open the provided board file in the folder directory, PCB Walkthrough 9_Manufacturing Export.     

If the design files were not downloaded in the beginning of the walk-through, they can be accessed through the Materials tab above.

Open in New Window

  1. In the Design Workflow, select Manufacturing Deliverables > IPC-2581

Note: All layers have been generated during the setup of Gerber films. 

  1. Select Layer Mapping Edit.  
  1. Select ASSEMBLYFAB, and SILKSCREENTOP as Documentation Layers.  
  1. Select PASTEMASKTOP as a Solderpaste Layer.
  1. Click OK.  
  1. Select Compress output file and Export.  
  1. In the Design Workflow, select Manufacturing Deliverables > Artwork (Gerber).  
  1. Select the General Parameters tab and select Gerber RS274X
  1. Select the Film Control tab. Select All and Create Artwork
  1. Click OK
  1. In the Design Workflow, select Manufacturing Deliverables > NC Drill.  
  1. Select Parameters. Use the defaults and click OK.  
  1. Select Drill.  
  1. Close the window. 
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