Capture Walk-through 4: Wiring

This walk-through demonstrates several techniques for connecting components in OrCAD Capture version 17.4-2021. After you complete this topic, you will be able to: 

  • Connect components to wires  
  • Select and move groups of wired components 
  • Connect a bus to components and nets 

To follow along with this tutorial, continue with the design you completed for Capture Walk-through 3 or use the included design file, CAPTURE TUTORIAL 4_WIRING.DSN under ‘materials’ tab.

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Reference the provided Smart PDF, capture tutorial.pdf, to assist with wiring. 

  1. Select Place > Wire (W) from the menu. 
  1. Click each connection to add a wire. 
  1. Wire the schematic according to the provided Capture Tutorial.PDF

Note: To copy and paste wires, use CTRL+C and CTRL+V on the keyboard. To repeatedly place a wire use F4 on the keyboard. Add a short wire to the pins that will be connected to buses or net aliases, for components JP1 (pins 1, 5 ,6, 7, 9, 10), JP2( pins 1 and 3) and IC1 (pins 7, 31, 32, and 59)  

  1. Right click and select End Mode (ESC)

Note: Selecting “end wire” will place the wire outline you have on your cursor. You can easily move sections of your schematic by highlighting and dragging the selection, a component or a wire.  

  1. Select Place > Bus (B) from the menu.  
  1. Click to place the bus.  

Note: To add a bus at an angle hold down Shift on the keyboard. 

  1. Right click and select End Mode (ESC).  
  1. Select Place > Bus Entry (E) from the menu.  
  1. Click to place the bus entry for JP1 (pins 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 ) and IC1 (pins 31, 32, and 59 )to connect the wires and bus.  

Note: Use R on the keyboard to rotate the bus entry. 

  1. Select Place > Autowire > Connect to Bus from the menu.  
  1. Select the pin you want to connect then select the bus.  
  1. Type the name of the net and click OK

Note: If the bus has sequential nets add the name, a bracket, and the set of numbers. This will add the net names to all the selected nets. 

  1. Finish wiring the buses according to the provided Capture Tutorial.PDF
  1.  Select Place > No Connect from the menu (X)
  1. Click on the pins that are not connected according to Capture Tutorial.PDF
  1. Right click and select End Mode (ESC)
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