Component Information Portal (CIP)

Component Information Portal

The Component Information Portal offers Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS users a comprehensive, "off-the-shelf" CIS management environment that includes distributor integration and a component library with a pre-defined set of fields.

Component Information Portal (CIP) The distributor integration provided by the Component Information Portal (CIP) allows OrCAD Capture CIS users to build fully downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts into their existing database. The CIP includes a starter database of over 5,000 components. Each starter database comes complete with symbols and footprints, as a foundation for the successful implementation of CIS. It also provides a predefined database schema to help encourage consistent practices and build a component library that includes complete part data.

CIP also includes a web-based interface that enables non-OrCAD Capture CIS users, like those in documentation, library development, and purchasing, to have access to the parts database behind OrCAD Capture CIS without using native software. This means more people in the development team, and other supporting teams all have access to the same critical information. This saves time in communication and cuts costs in several ways, such as allowing purchasing to encourage the use of cost effective parts.

  • Populate your CIS database directly from the real-time online distributor part databases
  • Engineers can search and select distributor parametric data within OrCAD Capture CIS 
  • CIP is equipped with a CIS database which includes a foundation library of components, complete with symbols and footprints
  • Purchasing, librarians and other non-EE individuals can view component information stored within the CIS database through a user friendly web-based interface
  • Administer database privileges based on administrative responsibilities 
  • Capture and update part cost and quantity on hand information at any given time
  • CIP includes an “off-the-shelf” CIS management environment with a pre-defined set of fields 
  • Remote database accessibility
The Component Information Portal offers Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS users a comprehensive, "off-the-shelf" CIS management environment that includes a component library with a pre-defined set of fields.
Distributor Integration
The CIP database is supported by several large distributors such as Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Farnell, Newark, Future Electronics, and DigiKey.
New Part Introduction
An OrCAD Capture CIS user has the option to create temporary parts which can be used as a place holder within their design.
Manage User Roles
CIP supports user privileges and roles to define access rights to your component data.
Complete Component Information
CIP components include key data such as part number, description, parametric information and RoHS compliance.
Starter Library and Database Schema
The CIP single user license includes a starter database of over 2,000 components and the CIP Enterprise edition includes over 5,000 components.
What's New

Note:  Customers on active maintenance can request the latest release by logging in to

Version History: 5.0 | 4.3

CIP 5.0 What's New PDF | CIP 5.0 Overview Video

OrCAD Library Builder Integration: OrCAD Library Builder can be launched directly from CIP to create a new symbol. If CIP is opened inside Capture, after you add a temp part from distributor search, you will be able to start OrCAD Library Builder from an icon in the CIP datasheet link. OrCAD Library Builder will open to the PDF document link downloaded from the distributor search. You can create the symbol with OrCAD Library Builder and then export the symbol. The symbol name is automatically updated in CIP when completed. Note: OrCAD Library Builder is a separate software installation that may be obtained through your local Cadence Channel Partner.

Quick Symbol Selection: When CIP is running outside of Capture, you can select from a list of any previously entered symbol names. Symbols and footprints can be added the same way after typing a comma.

Preview & Place Parts from CIP: The capability to preview and place a part from CIP directly into Capture has been added to CIP 5.0. You can take advantage of the easy to use search to find a part in CIP. After finding the part in CIP, you can place the symbol right onto your Capture schematic.

Template for Advanced Export:If you have a standard template of parameters or manufacturer parts that you would like to use to export from CIP, you can define and save the template. When you have a BOM that you need to get additional information from CIP, you only need to select from any of your saved templates. This ensures consistency of BOM across groups.

Restriction of Fields Based on User Roles: In addition to allowing various users to be able to perform certain tasks, permissions and visibility on fields can now be customized for each role. If you would like to only allow various roles to be able to edit or view certain fields, you can customize each role for your specific process. For example, if you have librarians who create and modify symbols and footprints, the Administrator can remove edit permission on those fields to all other users.

Temp Parts Enhancement: Additional fields can be viewed in the Temporary Parts tab. Each user can configure this tab to add any field from the components tables. Once configured, these columns will show data corresponding to the temporary part as it is updated in the database.

Export Part Data to Excel or CSV: All data associated with a part can be exported from a component page. After viewing a part, you can export all fields to an Excel or CSV formatted file. This can be used to build reports.

Enhanced Search: Search capabilities have been enhanced in CIP 5.0 to enable complex queries, search history, and quick keyword search

Auto Part Numbering by Table: The auto generated part numbering has been enhanced to allow configuration of different prefixes per table. If you choose to use the built in auto-number feature of CIP, you can configure each table to have a different prefix.

Intelligent Part Copy: Enhancements have been made for copying parts. When a copy of a part is made, you have the choice to have the copy created as a temp or formal number. The data for all the attributes can be modified before you save the part. You have the option to exclude the manufacturer parts from being copied. After you have made all your edits, you can save the part as a temp or formal part where you enter your own part number or formal part with an auto-generated part number. When you save the part, the auto-generated number will pull the next available unique part number.

Quick Part Table Reassignment: If you create a part or add a part as Temp part to an incorrect table by mistake, you no longer have to remove the part and then create the part in the correct table. You can bring the part up and select the table that you want the part to be moved to.

Update Existing Parts with Current Ditributor Data: The distributor search has been enhanced to allow transfer of parametric data from the distributor part to an existing part. After finding a distributor part, you will have the option to overwrite your existing parametric data with new data from the distributor part. The manufacture data and distributor data will be added and parametric data will be updated.

Quick Links to CIP Data from CIS Explorer: In CIS explorer, you can select the CIP link to view the part details. When you click the link, CIP will be opened to the part inside your default browser. If you haven’t logged in, you will be asked to log in. The manufacturer, manufacturer part number and datasheet fields corresponding to the left most part in CIP will now be available in CIS. You can update your .DBC configuration to transfer these fields to designs.

CIP 4.3
Part Type Tab: A Tab for Part Type tree structure has been added to the CIS Search Tab. In this tab, parts are shown in the same folder structure as in CIS.

Manufacturer Order Preference: The order in which manufacturer parts are displayed can be changed by the user. The order can be modified by a user with update permissions.

Rules Driven Tab Highlighting:The tab for manufacturer parts may be color coded based on value of a user specified field. This field can be configured in the Preferences tab by an Admin. The Admin will need to enter values to turn the tab Red, Yellow, or Green.

View-able Field Filter:An Admin can control which of the part or manufacturer fields are to be visible. Unused fields displayed in CIP can now be hidden. The configuration can be set by an Admin using the Preferences tab.

Improved Performance: Exporting CSV files and other operations have been great sped up
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The EMA Component Information Portal™ (CIP) offers Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS users a comprehensive ‘off-the-shelf’ component data management environment.
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