Allegro PCB Designer

A scalable, full-featured PCB design solution.

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Constraint-Driven PCB Design

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Designer quickly takes simple or complex designs

from concept to production in a constraint-driven design system. 

Intuitive PCB Editor

Powerful, easy-to-use, constraint-driven environment designed to take even your most complex designs from concept to implementation.


Powerful Routing Tools

Powerful, interactive capabilities, delivering controlled automation to maintain user control while maximizing routing productivity.

Design for Manufacturing

Ensure first pass success with a full set of capabilities to design with manufacturability in mind throughout the entire design process.

Design Reuse Module

Save time and avoid errors by leveraging existing IP on the same design or across designs.

Scalable Design

A solution that will grow with your business, providing the capabilities and features you need, when you need them.

Constraint-Driven Design

Embed design intent directly into the CAD tool providing real-time feedback that implementation is matching defined specifications.

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Many Options To Choose From

Allegro PCB Designers “base plus options” model provides designers with exactly the features they need.


High-speed routing constraints and algorithms handle differential pairs, net scheduling, timing, crosstalk, layer set routing, and the special geometry requirements demanded by today’s high-speed circuits—ensuring a shorter, predictable, and complete PCB design cycle.

Allegro/RF Design

Offers a mixed-signal design environment from schematic to layout with back annotation—proven to increase RF design productivity up to 50%.

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Advanced capabilities to provide a full constraint-driven HDI design flow, including automation for adding HDI-based features to shorten the time-to-create designs that are correct-by-construction.


Comprehensive, powerful, easy-to-use suite of tools that makes it efficient and cost effective for PCB designers to streamline the development of a release-to-manufacturing package.

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Design Planning

Captures designers' routing intent and acts upon it—enabling users to converge on a successful interconnect solution far faster and more easily than ever before.



Speed your design process with automated routing technology that can handle even the most complicated interconnects.

Team Design

Multi-user, distributed or concurrent design methodology for faster time-to-market and reduced layout time. Dramatically reduce over-all design cycles and accelerate the design process.


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Productivity Toolbox

Need to maximize design efficiency? Productivity toolbox option provides a collection of design time reducing functions as well as advanced design function enablers that enhance and optimize existing PCB layout capabilities.

Auto-Interactive Routing Technology

Allegro provides a unique set of auto-interactive technologies to quickly and efficiently accelerate routing of highly constrained interfaces.

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Maximize Productivity with Allegro

Learn how Allegro PCB Designer helped Pegatron reduce routing time by approximately 67% and saved layout team resources—enabling them to acquire more projects than previously possible.

Pegatron Success Story

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