Allegro 17.2-2016

Allegro 17.2-2016 Release Highlights

 Reduce PCB development time by addressing the need to design reliable circuits for smaller, more compact devices in the new Allegro 17.2 release. 

Upgraded 3D Engine

 View the latest in 3D PCB design with the upgraded 3D engine in Allegro PCB Editor.

Backdrill Enhancements

Many improvements have been made to assist the PCB designer in managing the backdrill vias/padstacks, route around the backdrill vias/padstacks with accurate DRCs, and real-time feedback.

PCB High Speed Enhancements

View the latest high speed enhancements such as tabbed routing, return path management, and add connect and slide.

Enhanced Padstack Editor

The new padstack editor makes building and editing padstacks a snap.

Rigid-Flex Design

See how the Allegro 17.2-2016 PCB design software handles the unique challenges associated with rigid-flex designs.

Ease of Use Enhancements

View the many time-saving ease of use enhancements included in the latest version of Allegro which work to help expedite design time and reduce mouse clicks.

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What Customers are Saying

"Cadence has built tools that are enabling us to develop better designs faster, while giving us a better understanding of expected performance. This advancement has saved us upwards of $4,000-$12,000 per new board design."


- David Edwards
  CEO at Abicom

"The latest release provides many productivity and ease of use enhancements. In-design inter-layer checks for flex and rigid-flex design is comprehensive and extensible, which can save us 20 to 25 percent time for rigid-flex designs."


Dave Elder

PCB Engineering Manager

Tait Communications

"The new inter-layer check capability provides comprehensive in-design, real-time checks, which will save us significant time currenlty spent doing manual checks after layout is completed on advanced flex and rigid-flex designs."


Greg Bodi

Director of Systems Engineering PCB Layout


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