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How to Create a New PCB Layout From a Schematic in OrCAD Capture

Learn how to create a new PCB layout from a schematic design in OrCAD Capture for use in OrCAD X PCB Designer of OrCAD X Presto.

How to Use Workspaces in OrCAD X Capture CIS

Learn how to use workspaces in OrCAD X Capture CIS to easily share libraries and designs with team members for efficient collaboration.

How to Use Unified Search in OrCAD Capture

Learn how to use Unified Search in OrCAD Capture to quickly and efficiently place parts in the schematic design.

How to Create a Schematic in OrCAD

Learn how to efficiently create a schematic in OrCAD Capture with time-saving features including automatic wiring and bus creation.

How to Perform a Schematic Design Rule Check

Learn how to perform a schematic design rule check in OrCAD Capture to ensure accuracy and design intent before moving to the PCB.

How to Define Differential Pairs in the Schematic

Learn how to define and configure differential pairs during the schematic both manually and automatically in OrCAD Capture.

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