Your Electronics Workbench: Amplified

Eliminate wasted inspection and debug time with augmented reality from inspectAR 

Creating Cutting-Edge Technology Requires State-of-the-Art Tools

inspectAR turns your mobile phone or external webcam into an intelligent view port and overlays an augmented reality containing essential schematic information on top of your board. This makes it easier to locate critical component information during testing and assembly, resulting in time savings of up to 50%.

Effective Collaboration

Easily Visualize Changes Between Digital and Hardware

Provide your engineers with everything they need to have a truly collaborative work environment. Watch testing as it occurs and cut out errors due to miscommunication once and for all with design-specific, contextual overlays and real-time screen sharing.

“inspectAR has saved me a lot of time in the lab, instead of constantly flipping the board looking for a reference the app will point it out for you making populating a board quick and easy.”

  David Drover, Electrical Engineer

Streamlined Documentation/Data Exchange

Say Good-bye to ‘Context-Switching’

Eliminate wasted time finding datasheets, looking up test points in your CAD tool, and glancing back and forth to double check component placement. With all your information in one place and just a click away, you can save time and remove frustration.

InspectAR increases my assembly and debugging efficiency by removing the back and forth between the workbench and ECAD tool on the PC.

  Alex Klimaj, Hardware Engineer

Faster Time-to-Market

Your Competitive Advantage

Reach your consumers before your competition. Accelerate your time-to-market with up to a 50% reduction in assembly, test, and validation time.

This tool is as useful to understanding a board as an oscilloscope is to understanding signals.

  Mark Hughes, Hardware Engineer

Across-the-Board Compatibility

Get up and running quickly with compatibility for all major EDAs and platforms.


Single User
Unlimited Free Eagle, KiCAD & Sponsored Projects
iOS & Android Apps
Broad EDA Support
Windows & Mac Apps


Single Seat
5 Premium Projects included (Cadence, Altium, Mentor, etc)
3 Collaborators per project
On-device Deployment option
iOS, Android, Windows, & Mac

$100/Project after 5 included projects used. 14 Day trial included.

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Multiple Seats
Unlimited PCB Projects across all EDAs
Full collaboration features
On-Premises Deployment Option
Custom Integrations