Advanced Arena PLM Integration

Connecting Engineering to the Enterprise

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Bring Products to Market Faster

  • Reduce time to market with direct integration between your OrCAD data and Arena PLM
  • Access critical business information directly inside OrCAD
  • Empower engineering to make optimal part selection decisions early in the design cycle, when the cost of change is lowest
  • Mitigate risk, avoid schedule delays, and reduce scrap with a connected product development environment 


Native Integration

Access the information you need from PLM within the context of your OrCAD environment.

Closed Loop NPI

Automatically generate an Arena PLM part number and status to new parts introduced in the design. This ensures part qualification occurs up-front, removing late stage supply chain issues.

Zero Touch BOM

No more error prone and manual BOM editing needed. Automatically upload a fully formatted complete BOM from OrCAD directly into Arena PLM. 

PLM Data Inside OrCAD

Empower engineering to make intelligent design decisions upfront with access to critical data such as lifecycle, stock, and pricing directly inside OrCAD.

"Where Used" Where You Need It

Easily identify the effect of part changes across your various products without leaving the OrCAD environment.

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“We are releasing a great new capability to connect OrCAD and Arena PLM, which provides an ‘easy button’ to get engineering data into Arena PLM. As a result, our customers can get their products built far faster than they could before.”


Steve Chalgren

Executive VP of Product Management

Chief Strategy Officer

Arena Solutions 

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See how OrCAD and Arena PLM are working together to help product design teams reduce their time to market while improving product quality by connecting engineering with the enterprise.

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