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TimingDesigner 9.5.0 was designed with usability, productivity, and collaboration in mind.

Timing Analysis Just Got Easier. 

TimingDesigner’s latest release offers:


Promotes Team Collaboration

TimingDesigner’s Viewer Option allows for collaboration across various teams. This feature promotes collaboration by allowing those who need to review documents, without having a need to edit, to do so. The Viewer Option allows multiple members of an organization to have their hand in the design process.  To learn more about the Viewer Option, click here. 


Time-Saving Enhancements

TimingDesigner has always aimed to save the user time when designing – 9.5.0 is no different. Updates include the ability to filter a display of properties by entering a property name or user defined attribute value as well as an updated waveform properties window and Dynamic Text Editor. These updates, amongst others, result in quicker turnaround when moving through the design process.


Promotes User Productivity

No more wasting time and money on resources. TimingDesigner 9.5.0 allows the user to move through the design process both accurately and efficiently. With updated functionalities like quickly converting signals from one waveform type to another and automatically displaying sets of user-defined properties, users are now able to fly through designs at even faster rates. 


System Warning Improvements

TimingDesigner 9.5.0 offers improved system messaging of user warnings and prompts. Added functionalities include asking for confirmation when deleting component blocks and the ability to detect circular references in equations associated to waveforms and delays. Our software will help guide the user along in the design process while making sure all requirements are met.

Release Updates

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Updates Implemented

  • Updated the Timing Designer graphical user interface or GUI for diagram properties to promote user productivity. Added user controls to create and automatically display sets of user-defined properties for 11 different types of properties, which includes components, waveforms, events, and edges, from a central point-of-access, either the Diagram Window or the Options > Settings > Default Properties Window.
  • Added user ability to filter the display of properties listed by entering a property name, user-defined Attribute value, or other keyword search criteria into the search filter field.
  • Updated the waveform Properties windows and the Dynamic Text Editor to allow users to drag the window to an alternate location and pin or dock the window to the Diagram window. Active windows may be minimized or closed and quickly reopened from a tab link located in the adjacent border of the Diagram Window.
  • Added functionality to enable users to quickly convert a signal from one waveform type to another from a context sensitive popup menu or the Tools > Convert menu. Added functionality to permit users to generate a derived signal from a signal, bus, or clock and to create multiple derived signals or clocks at the same time. Enabled the Undo and Redo functionality for each convert action.
  • Added the decrement option to waveforms’ appearance menu. Added user ability to add a positive integer step value to an increment or decrement value.
  • Added functionality to permit time to be automatically deleted, updated, and relocked from waveforms that have locked edges.
  • Simplified user process for adding a new library to a Component Library folder. A new library may be added from the Manager window from the right mouse popup menu.
  • Added and enhanced options for text and image formatting.
  • Added user capability to format diagram cycle bars from the Format toolbar.
  • Added intuitive controls that enable users to format Divider text. Text may be aligned vertically and horizontally to the divider while the font type, size, and color of the divider label may be directly controlled from the Format toolbar.
  • Added user ability to insert, move, and resize the height or width of images placed in diagram headers, footers, or other diagram locations as desired.
  • Expanded area in the Dynamic Text Editor to enable users to add customized annotations.
  • Added the ‘#’ character as an accepted character in a variable or event name of the Parameter and Library SS. Signal names may now include the ‘#’ character when representing an active low signal so that the name can be acted upon in the formula field.
  • Added user option to add High/Low State Labels to the margin of waveform diagrams. When printing a diagram, users may select an option to include the state labels in the printed or exported diagram.
  • Added ability for TD to save the import, export, and print settings after the settings are applied.
  • Added user ability to increment a signal with a binary redix in either Verilog or VHDL format.
  • Improved system messaging or user warnings and prompts.
  • Modified the operation associated to the deletion of a component block. The deletion now intuitively deletes all diagrams and other contents of the component block and displays a warning message that prompts the user for confirmation.
  • Added a warning message to alert the user when an incorrectly formatted CSV file is being imported.
  • Added a warning that notifies users when an unknown library path to an external diagram is added to the Analysis Folder.
  • Added user warning messages that notify users who attempt to save a waveform diagram without naming the waveform. Users also receive a warning when a waveform name breaks naming conventions by containing blank spaces or is non-compliant with HDL.
  • Added a prompt that asks users if they want to add a new diagram to a component when the component is saved.
  • Added ability to detect circular references in equations associated to waveforms and delays.
  • Various bug fixes

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