PCB Service Bureaus

PCB service bureaus, specializing in design, testing, manufacturing, and more, can be found all over the country. We maintain our list of OrCAD and Allegro PCB service bureaus so that you can have your PCB needs fulfilled today.

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ionDesign can provide PCB layout service work along with “turn-key” bare board fabrication and assembly solutions. Our design team consists of all senior level designers that can handle any level of layout work – complex, high-speed, etc.

Rick Prekup
Austin, TX
(512) 260 5778
Interconnect Design Solutions,LLC

Offering a full array of PWB and Mechanical Engineering services, IDS is an outstanding option to consider in achieving your design goals. IDS provides front-end engineering support for logic symbol modeling, schematic capture, physical footprint modeling,PCB layout and routing for both rigid and flexible circuits utilizing OrCAD-PCB suite as the preferred toolset. Mechanical engineering services include; stereo lithography 3D printing, laser sintering, reverse engineering utilizing 3D scanning, SolidWorks and Pro Engineer solid and parametric modeling, and many more.

Mike Brown
Atlanta, GA
(410) 591 8945
IMET Corporation

IMET Corporation (Innovative Mechanical and Electrical Technology Corporation) provides in-house prototyping, development, PCB layout, short run production, 3D printing (rapid prototyping), full design documentation, and project management solutions.

Thomas Krol
Newtown, PA
(866) 435 4907
Honortronics, Inc.

Honortronics, Inc. is an electronic product development firm that puts the customer first. We support R&D, design, PCB layout, prototyping, testing, and more. We work closely with manufacturers to assure that you get your products right the first time.

Jonathan Goudy
New Caney, TX
(281) 731 4334
HiGain Design Services

More than 30 years experience in engineering support, design and packaging of electronic equipment with particular experience in printed circuit board layout, generation and maintenance of symbol libraries, creation and support of design processes and documentation that provide accurate and consistent designs.

Albert Gaines
Norcross, GA
(770) 921 3129
Finley Design Services Inc.

Finley Design Services is a leading designer and supplier of Load Boards and Probe Cards for the Test Industry. We provide layout, fabrication, and assembly specializing in ATE solutions. Let us optimize your test performance!

Melodye Finley
San Jose, CA
(408) 437 4080
Fierheller Engineering Corp.

Fierheller Engineering Corp. offers consulting, hardware, and software design services. Founded in 1995 in Orange County, California, we provide electrical design solutions for embedded control, RF/analog/power designs, and FEC evaluates, and fixes circuits and systems with unique solutions, service and delivery.

Ernest Fierheller
Fullerton, CA
(714) 290 8684
Electrostein Inc.

Electrostein Inc. is focused on PCB design services for complex high-speed and large electronic systems. We partner with out clients by providing PCB design, library, manufacturing and assembly support in their development cycle.

Arjun Goswami
San Jose, CA
(408) 618 5773
Egret Technologies, Inc.

Egret Technologies, Inc. provides our clients a full portfolio of engineering services, ranging from turn-key product development to focused consulting solutions.

Liam Pender
Plantation, FL
(954) 577 0393
EE Design Consultants

EE Design Consultants deals with hardware design specializing in medical instruments, power electronics, and servos.

Scott Luebbers
San Jose, CA
(408) 293 5553
EMA Design Automation