Scalable PCB Design

PCB Design Built to Grow Your Business

Is Your PCB Design Solution Ready to Grow With You?

Many solutions on the market position themselves as a one-size-fits-all offering, but is that really what your business needs? Either you are paying too much for capability you don’t need or you are constantly fighting your vendor to add functionality to keep up with your pace of innovation. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a solution designed to scale with you, providing the capabilities and features you need when you need them?

Common Issues with Non-Scalable Solutions

  • Inability to share data across groups using incompatible design tools due to different design complexity requirements
  • Arbitrary product glass ceilings requiring migration to a new platform as needs increase
  • Unnecessary complexity and overhead created by one size fits all” solutions
  • Non-integrated point tool solutions added to fill gaps causing inefficiencies and errors in the design process

A Scalable PCB Design Solution Will:

Grow with Your Business

Get the only full scalable platform that can grow with your business without requiring manual workarounds, translations, or expensive re-training.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Use a PLM? ERP? MCAD tools? Our solutions connect what you do in the PCB world with the rest of your company to ensure overall product success

Adapt to Your Needs

Open APIs allow you to customize our design solutions to meet your specific needs without creating separate external processes or workflows

Hear It From Others

“I personally have been using PCB design tools for 30 years, so in addition to being affordable and capable for our initial product release, I was looking very closely at the long term growth potential of tools being in line with those of a fast growing startup. EMA provided a solution that easily met these requirements.”

James Machiorletti, Hardware Architect, Roost

PCB Design Without Limits

EMA provides the only full scalable PCB design environment on the market today. Regardless of your design requirements, whether it be simulation, data management, or ECAD-MCAD integration we have options to meet your needs.

OrCAD Suites

OrCAD suites are the ideal way to get started with the technology you need to complete your next project. These suites provide affordable pre-configured bundles built to solve your unique design challenges.

Prepare for Growth

Let us help you select a PCB solution that is right for your business now and in the future.

EMA Design Automation