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PSpice Advanced Analysis Workshop Level 2

This Advanced Workshop will teach you how to perform advanced analysis on your circuit simulations including Sensitivity Analysis, Monte Carlo Analysis, Optimization and Parametric Plotting.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to perform simulations to fine-tune component tolerances ultimately reducing design costs
  • How to optimize component values to guarantee circuit functionality based on measurements and curves
  • How to view the effects of varying parameters on the simulation
  • How to ensure production yield

Course Summary

In PSpice Advanced Analysis Level 2 Workshop you will learn how to use the advanced analysis functionality included in PSpice Designer Plus. Topics include Sensitivity Analysis, Optimization, Monte Carlo Analysis and the Parametric Plotter.

Optimization: The trial-and-error approach for fine-tuning a circuit to adhere to specific behaviors or match a specific set of data points can be tedious and time-consuming. Easily determine ideal component values and achieve the desired circuit behavior with optimization in OrCAD PSpice Designer Plus.

Monte Carlo Analysis: Automatic statistical calculations, probability density graphs, and cumulative distribution graphs predict production yield.

Sensitivity Analysis: Identify which components require tighter or looser tolerances with sensitivity analysis.

Parametric Plotter: Vary multiple component parameters at once and view the effect on circuit behavior with the Parametric Plotter.

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