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Best Practices for Efficient PCB Team Design

Learn the essential best practices for PCB team design and how to implement them throughout your team’s design process to improve efficiency.

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What You Will Learn

  • How standard naming conventions can communicate critical information and design intent
  • IPC standard naming conventions and naming recommendations
  • Why units and accuracy should be considered at every stage of the PCB design
  • How to keep consistent units throughout the design
  • How automation can streamline the PCB design process
  • What aspects of the PCB design can incorporate automation
  • What shared repositories are and how to implement them
  • How standard shared repositories can be improved

Course Summary

The Best Practices for Efficient PCB Team Design Workshop will teach you the essentials of designing in a team environment. Designing a functional PCB as an individual can be difficult, but designing in a team environment introduces new complexities and opportunities for errors. With multiple engineers working on a design, how do you:

  • Ensure communication of the design intent?
  • Create consistency throughout all team members?
  • Efficiently and accurately manage all files and revisions associated with the PCB?
  • Improve efficiency throughout all phases of the design?

We sat down with PCB Design Expert, Adam Thorvaldson, to compile essential processes and best practices as well as tips and tricks to achieve an accurate and efficient team design environment for PCB development based on years of design experience. Adam Thorvaldson is a senior printed circuit board designer with over 26 years of extensive experience in PCB design as well as creating and maintaining logic and physical component libraries. Adam’s experience as both a design team member and team leader, throughout every step in the design process, from component creation to schematic capture to post processing, provides a comprehensive knowledge of the aspects required for successful PCB team design.

Implementing the best practices learned in this workshop will streamline the design process, reduce errors, and improve consistency across all team members and PCB designs.

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