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TimingDesigner: Overview

Easily manage critical path timing margins for high-speed interface designs with TimingDesigner.

TimingDesigner: Overview

Duration: 00:02:14

TimingDesigner helps you manage complex timing for your electronic circuits with:

  • Analysis of critical timing paths at various levels in the design
    • Chip
    • Package
    • Board
    • System
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Dynamically linked parameter spreadsheet
  • Clear and concise documentation
  • Comparison of timing analysis to design interface specifications
  • Easy incorporation of timing constraints, cause and effect relationships, delays, and sequence protocols
  • Worst-case timing analysis
  • Timing model libraries and patented timing algorithms

Detect and resolve timing issues upfront to guarantee successful operation of your complex electronic circuits with TimingDesigner. Test out TimingDesigner with your free trial here.

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