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How to Reuse IP and Replicate Component Placement

Today’s fast-paced market creates timelines for PCB design which are difficult to achieve. Reusing known-good and verified sections of circuitry can streamline the design process. With the PCB Clustering App in OrCAD PCB Designer, easily replicate component placement, routing, and shapes with templates to quickly layout similar circuitry and accelerate the PCB design process.

This how-to will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the PCB Clustering App in OrCAD PCB Designer to replicate component placement with templates.

To follow along with this tutorial, use the provided design above the table of contents.

How-To Video

Creating a Template

Step 1: Open the provided design, clustering_template.brd, in OrCAD PCB Designer.

Step 2: Select PCB Clustering > Save Template from the menu.

Step 3: Select the groups clustered components. Right-click in the PCB canvas and select Done.

Step 4: Browse to the location to save the template or use the default location.

Creating a Template with the PCB Clustering App in OrCAD

Step 5: Enter Tutorial for the Membership and Cluster_1 for the Placement. Click OK.

Applying a Template

Step 6: Select PCB Clustering > Apply Templates from the menu.

Note: If the template was saved in a different location other than the default, browse to the same location to apply the template.

Selecting a Template in the PCB Clustering App

Step 7: Under Membership, select Tutorial.

Step 8: Under Placement, select Cluster_1.

Step 9: Click the arrow (–>) to select the template.

Previewing the Component Placement using a Template

Step 10: Select View to preview the template. Close the preview.

Step 11: In the Select Templates window, select Close.

Replicate Component Placement

Step 12: Right-click on the PCB canvas and select Done.

Applying PCB Clustering based on a Template in OrCAD

Step 13: The PCB Clustering Batch Control window opens. Select Apply and OK to apply the changes.

Reusing Component Placement with Templates in the PCB Clustering App

Step 14: View the clusters. The PCB Clustering App has analyzed the components in the design and automatically applied the template.

Wrap Up & Next Steps

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