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TitleClass TypeDate# of DaysStatusClass PriceLink
OrCAD Capture EssentialsLive Online12/05/20231Open$799Register
OrCAD PCB Editor EssentialsLive Online12/06/20232Open$1599Register
OrCAD PSpice EssentialsLive Online12/06/20232Open$1599Register
OrCAD Schematic and PCB Front-to-Back FlowLive Online12/05/20233Open$2395Register
OrCAD Schematic and Simulation Front-to-Back FlowLive Online12/05/20233Open$2395Register
Advanced PCB EditorLive Online12/19/20232Open$700Register
PSpice Advanced AnalysisLive Online12/08/20231Closed$500Register
OrCAD Engineering Data ManagementLive Online12/14/20231Open$500Register
Component Data Management with OrCAD Capture CIS and CIPLive Online12/08/20231Closed$500Register


We here at EMA are committed to your success. Our e-learning course is perfect for those that want to learn at their own pace. Don’t see an option that meets your needs?  We can tailor a course to meet your unique training requirements. 


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Don’t see an option that meets your needs? We can tailor a training class to meet your unique requirements.

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