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PSpice Essentials

​​​​​​​PSpice® Essentials for Simulation training builds on the design entry essentials learned in the Capture class and adds new skills to enable simulation directly from the Capture environment. This class is ideal for both new PSpice® users and experienced engineers who need to maximize the performance of their circuits. Students should have recently completed the one-day Capture Essentials class as this class builds on the schematic design foundational skills learned in that class Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

OrCAD Certification Included*

OrCAD Schematic and Simulation Front-to-Back Flow

This class is a comprehensive course aimed at helping students learn an efficient, front-to-back schematic and simulation workflow. This package includes Capture Essentials and PSpice Essentials training. Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

PSpice Advanced Analysis

Learn how to optimize your design for cost, yield, and manufacturability with our PSpice Advanced Analysis class. This class is ideal for those who need to automatically maximize their circuit performance using PSpice Advanced Analysis.

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