2020 OrCAD Promo – EDM

For a limited time, get OrCAD Engineering Data Management Vault Server and User Keys for free and regain control over your mismanaged data.​​​​​​​

Vault Server  |  User Keys for Your Entire Team*

All For: $5,210  FREE

Lose the Ad Hoc Design Processes

Enable Collaboration

Centralize communication with both management and engineering, ensuring data is easily accessible and effectively communicated among multiple teams.

Manage Design with Ease

Consolidate files in one location so your team can access, search, and update without any of the administrative headaches.

Reduce Design Errors and Conflicts

Easily track and store changes within your project files and avoid accidental file overwriting with managed user access and revision control.

Offer Details

OrCAD Engineering Data Management Vault Server$3,730​​​​​​​

OrCAD Engineering Data Management Vault User Key: $1,480

Total Cost: $5,210 FREE

* Keys are available for either 4 months free or 25% off  a perpetual license. Additional license options may be required. 
​​​​​​​Offer valid in North America.


Offer Details

  • OrCAD Capture & OrCAD PCB Editor (Powered by Allegro) Perpetual License
    (Available through OrCAD PCB Standard Suite):  $2,630
  • First Year Maintenance Including Updates and Live Support: $530
  • 6 Months Access to Ultra Librarian for OrCAD: $400
  • e-Learning for OrCAD (6-month license): $450

Total Cost: $3,480  $530

Organize Your Design Data, Once and For All.

Engineering Data Management Overview

See how OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) makes collaboration among engineering teams a breeze with file version management, permission controls, and more all built in to the OrCAD Capture canvas.

PCB Libraries and Validation

Reduce errors and save time with approved parts in OrCAD EDM. Easily import, approve and promote components to share with multiple users in a centralized library. Then, automatically generate a report comparing footprints used in the design to the footprints found in the promoted library—verifying all parts are up to date.

Package for Release

Properly executing the generation of manufacturing data is vital to the success of your board.  With OrCAD EDM, automatically generate the necessary documents for manufacturing during the check in of your design; ensuring you have all the necessary files needed for manufacturing at the correct revision. 


Include your company’s templates as part of generating a new data-managed project. By including templates in OrCAD Engineering Data Management, you can eliminate the need for design set up and create a standard format for you company’s designs, increasing consistency and productivity throughout your entire design team


Preparing your design drawing data can be a tedious and time-consuming task, often prone to typos and errors. With OrCAD Engineering Data Management, you can now transfer this pertinent design meta data automatically into the drawing format’s Title block for both your schematic AND PCB designs.

Get OrCAD Engineering Data Management

File Management Problems, Solved. Claim Your Free License Today.

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This offer is for a perpetual software license of the OrCAD PCB Designer Standard suite. This is not a special license or different version of OrCAD. This means the software is not set to expire and will operate in perpetuity (as long as you have compatible hardware to run it on). The first year of maintenance is included which provides updates and support as needed (see below for more details). If you elect not to renew your maintenance contract the software will still continue to operate.

There are no ongoing costs or obligations going forward. Software maintenance is included for the first year which provides access to our US based tech support staff by phone and/or email as well as access to any and all updates that are delivered while you are active on your maintenance contract.

After the first year it is your choice if you want to continue your maintenance contract. We do encourage our customers to remain on maintenance so they can stay up to date with the latest software and models we have to offer as well have unlimited access to our PCB design experts for support.

One of the many benefits of the OrCAD platform is its scalability. This gives you, the user, the ability to add-on additional functionality such as PI analysis, advanced SPICE simulation, data management, and advanced PCB design capabilities as needed. You only pay for the features you are currently using.

Since the Cadence PCB design tools use a common data structure it is even possible for design teams to have users leveraging different packages based on their individual design needs while still being able to collaborate and share common elements like libraries, models, and other IP.

Yes! We support translations for most major PCB CAD platforms. We have published translation guides for PADS, Altium, and Eagle. If you have question on translations and/or best practices let us know. We’d be happy to help.

Yes you can, however we still recommend you consider this offer as a great chance to add PCB design capabilities to your toolset to enable more effective collaboration with your outsourcing vendor. Having PCB layout capabilities in-house allows for more efficient design reviews, chances to help define early placement, and the ability to make small changes should you need to down the road. Check out our blog article which outlines more reasons why companies outsourcing PCB layout should still consider having a PCB tool in-house.​​​​​​​

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