Cadence Allegro PCB Design Platform

The Ultimate PCB Design Experience

Unmatched Performance

Complete your design fast and confidently with 64-bit performance, an enhanced GPU engine  for acceleration and quality rendering, dynamic updates for interactive routing and shapes, comprehensive rules, and more.

Uncompromizing Accuracy

Prevent and identify field failures before they happen with real-time design violation detection,  integrated simulation, and more all within the unified design environment.

Built to Scale

Seamlessly add advanced capabilities as your design needs grow with Allegro’s unique, scalable architecture, eliminating the need to learn new tools or translate design files.



Know your design tools are always up to the task with the only unified system design and analysis platform built to help you at every stage of the design process from concept through implementation, verification, and manufacturing.


Accelerate your design and improve productivity with the ability to replicate circuitry and reuse verified IP and validated constraints in both the schematic and PCB. Allegro solves collaboration issues with two ways for design teams to collaborate: concurrently using a shared canvas or distributed team design with partitioned canvas.

Symphony Overview

Team Design Overview

Design Reuse Overview

Design Reuse

Design Partitioning

Place Replicate


Create reliable PCBs and minimize post-production rework with easy tracking and notifications of design violations and integrated simulation directly within the schematic and PCB. Easily identify and resolve potential field failures during the design process with detection of overly-stressed components as well as common signal and power integrity issues.

Analysis-Driven Design Overview

Design for Reliability Overview

Return Path Analysis

IR Drop Analysis

Impedance Analysis

Coupling Analysis

Reflection Analysis

Crosstalk Analysis

Electrical Stress


Easily define and embed electrical requirements at the schematic level to simplify communication of electrical performance between the schematic and PCB. Once in the PCB, managing electrical, physical, mechanical, and manufacturing rules are critical to design success. Identify and mitigate potential problems as you design with dynamic rules checking.

Front-to-Back Constraints

Constraint-Drive Design Overview

HDI Design Rule Checks

Manufacturing Checks


Real-time features such as dynamic DFA, placement guidance, shape-based fillets, and a full suite of DFM rules, help you avoid manufacturing errors before they happen.

Manufacturing Overview

Design for Manufacturing

DesignTrue DFM Partner Portal

Documentation Editor

DRC Browser

Stackup Exchange


Maintain optimal communication with your team and easily track major/minor design changes with version control. A unified environment makes component management simple with the ability to select components from your managed libraries or vendors and the included part manager keeps your libraries in sync. If any parts need to be adjusted, simply submit an ECO part request directly within the software with pre-populated information. Stay up-to-date on vital design information with automatic generation of a live BOM and variants. Then, when the design is complete, easily publish the manufacturing data to your PLM with guided instructions.

Design and Data Management Overview

Live BOM

New Part Request

Publish for Manufacturing


Real-Time Team Design

Real-Time Team Design

With PCB design teams located in various locations, shortening design cycles can seem like an exercise in futility. Managing designs from multiple users with manual workarounds are time-consuming at best and error-prone at worst. With real-time team design in Allegro, eliminate design errors due to ineffective communication. Now, multiple designers can work on the same design, providing a time savings of up to 70%.

DesignTrue DFM

DesignTrue DFM

With DesignTrue DFM in Allegro, easily validate manufacturability and shorten design cycles with real-time DFM rules checking and get your design done correctly the first time.

Through the DesignTrue DFM Partner Program, easily communicate your unique design requirements directly to leading manufacturers. Then receive a custom set of manufacturability rules which can be imported directly into the Cadence environment. With the verified rules integrated in Allegro, you can ensure design manufacturability earlier and reach signoff faster.

In-Design Analysis

In-Design Analysis

Nowadays, signal integrity issues are becoming the norm. Not everyone has the luxury to have an SI expert on staff but if you do, they are often focused on the critical design issues. This unfortunately leads to wasted time waiting on feedback or correcting issues in the lab. The integrated analysis workflows allow you to easily identify and resolve signal quality issues directly within the PCB editor canvas before production, reducing the amount of wasted time troubleshooting. Eliminate the need for extensive signal integrity expertise, translations, simulation models, or specialized software and complete your designs up to 4x faster with immediate design feedback in Allegro.

Electro-Mechanical Co-Design

Electro-Mechanical Co-Design

Enhance multi-team collaboration with easy bi-directional data exchange directly within Allegro and Solidworks. Complete and verify your PCB Assembly with Allegro's interactive 3D canvas. Utilize seamless 2D/3D integration to place components, bend flexible portions, perform measurements, detect collisions on the board and with mechanical housing to visualize your final product. Automatic notifications of changes in either the electrical or mechanical design minimizes errors and enable seamless communication.

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Constant Innovation


Constant Innovation

Cadence operates on a continuous release cycle bringing new features and fixes to the tools on a regular basis. If it has been a while since you have looked at Cadence or are using an older release take a look at the full release history.