Allegro Sigrity

Comprehensive SI / PI solution enabling system-level interface compliance verification.

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Power Integrity

Complete AC and DC analysis ensures your power delivery network (PDN) works as needed.

Signal Integrity

Advanced pre and post route SI analysis capabilities enables full qualification of high-speed interfaces before you build.

Channel Analysis

Analyze serial and parallel bus interfaces such as DDR4, PCI, USB, HDMI, etc. with specially tuned solvers and workflows.

Decap Optimization

Optimize your design for cost, space, and even EMI and quickly evaluate millions of potential decoupling capacitor placement options across your entire board.

Electrical Rule Checks

Identify design failures early with full-board design screening capabilities. No models required.

Reporting & Compliance Kits

Advanced HTML-based reporting for all simulations, along with specific compliance-based reporting, to ensure qualification for common interfaces.

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Unmatched Integration

Cadence provides unmatched integration between analysis and implementation. Save time, avoid errors, and efficiently communicate design intent across the entire team with Allegro and Sigrity. Learn more about Allegro Sigrity SI or Allegro Sigrity PI.

Sirius XM Uses Sigrity to Meet DDRx Design-In Challenge

Learn how Sirius XM was able to quickly add Sigrity SI analysis to their design flow to ensure first pass success for their new product.

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