AEi System Power IC Model Library

Power up your PSpice with over 1200 bench-verified models.

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Characterize Power Supplies Faster 

Leverage the experience of the simulation experts at AEi Systems to enable faster, more accurate analysis of your power supplies with this library of pre-configured and pre-verified PSpice models.

Large Library of Models

The AEi System Library includes over 1200 bench-tested and verified power IC, semiconductor, and other hard-to-find models to help you simulate your designs.


With advanced models, you can analyze large signal effects like start-up transients, power stage semiconductor stress, and step-load response.

No Limits

The Power IC Model Library with PSpice A/D allows you to simulate and analyze your entire power supply without any limitations.

Automotive Stimulus Models

Test transient disturbances and electromagnetic compatibility in automotive systems.

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AEi Systems Power IC Model Library List

View a listing of the models in release 4.4 of the library

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Reduce Simulation Time

Power IC Model Library models are designed to take full advantage of th PSpice simulation engine enabling 10 to 40% reduction in power supply simulation time.

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