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Battling Library Chaos

Component libraries are the building blocks of design. Without a strong library as your foundation, implementing a reliable design process can be a huge challenge. Unfortunately, many organizations are still stuck with an unscalable, ad-hoc PCB process resulting in ineffective QA methods, unnecessary redundancy, and poor collaboration/oversight.

Common Library Management Issues

  • Symbol and footprint mismatch errors caught late in the design cycle
  • Obsolete or unavailable parts spec’d in to designs
  • Engineers wasting time creating mutiple instances of the same part
  • Incorrect library models causing manufacturing errors

Requirements for Successful Library Management:

Shared & Managed Libraries

Common shared libraries avoid redundancy, reduce errors, and provide visibility into part usage across the organization.

Verify and Check Rules

Libraries are built-to-spec the first time with built-in verification and rule checking tools.

Integrated Supply Chains

Connect your library with supply chain data either through internal systems or via component distributor connectors.

2D & 3D Models

Create associated 3D models as part of footprint and land-pattern build processes to enable effective mechanical integration.

Standards Support

Build libraries to industry standards like IPC-7351 or use your own internal standards to promote project consistency.

Comprehensive Starter Library

Large libraries of common devices and device types used as-is or as a basis for your own unique parts gets you operational quickly.

10 Rules for Component Data

75% of best-in-class companies see component data as critical IP. See the top recomendations to help you get control of your component data.

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Defeat Library Chaos

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