Advanced PCB Training for Rigid-Flex


Throughout this course, you will learn advanced features to complete Rigid-Flex PCBs accurately and efficiently.

Purchase of this course includes 1 year of access to all included course content and materials.

Product Description

The Advanced PCB Training for Rigid-Flex Designs expands upon the knowledge and skills learned in the Essential PCB Editor Training Course.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage the cross-section for rigid-flex designs
  • Use and manage zones on a PCB
  • Create constraints for regions on a PCB
  • Define and analyze design rule checks between layers on a PCB

**NOTE: This course is a subset of the Advanced PCB Editor Training focusing on Rigid-Flex PCB Design. **

This course is comprised of the following lessons from the Advanced PCB Editor Training:

  • Cross Section Editor Options
  • Constraint Regions
  • Inter-Layer Checks (ILC) for Rigid-Flex Designs

Software Requirements: OrCAD PCB Designer Professional

Prerequisites: OrCAD PCB Editor Essentials Training

Duration: 3 hours

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