Module 3: Reproducing the Barebones Arduino Design


Continue your PCB design journey by utilizing the skills you’ve learned in module 1 and module 2 to re-create the Barebones Arduino circuit board.

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This module will take approximately 7 hours to complete.

Product Description

Reproducing the Barebones Arduino Design is the third module in this 4 course series. Apply the skills you’ve learned about OrCAD and PCB Design in Module 1 and Module 2 to re-create the popular Arduino board. All necessary support files to complete the course are provided as downloadable course materials.

Lesson 1: Creating the schematic
This lesson will introduce you to the Barebones Arduino design and walk you through re-creating the schematic. Topics include creating a new project and library, replicating a schematic, adding PCB footprints, and netlisting. Learn about best practices for libraries and templates, stakeholder considerations and the importance of checking for accuracy.

Lesson 2: Creating the PCB
This lesson will walk you through PCB Creation and the PCB Canvas. This includes setting up design parameters and preferences, defining a design outline, and determining the layer stackup. Learn the importance of grid spacing, color-coding nets, and communicating with the mechanical team.

Lesson 3: PCB Layout and Design
This lesson will teach you the basics of PCB Layout and design incorporating your knowledge of OrCAD and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to PCB Design. Topics include part placement, design rule assignment, placement optimization, routing, copper pours, and resolving design rule errors. Learn tips for best component placement, DFx Considerations, design rules, routing and improving the PCB layout.

Lesson 4: Completing the Design
This lesson will help you complete the PCB and prepare for manufacturing while learning the best practices on manufacturing files. Topics include creating the required drawings, generating automatic silkscreen, generating artwork and manufacturing documentation, and next steps in the design process.

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