Rigid-Flex Custom Workflow


An OrCAD® PCB Editor workflow is an outline that guides designers through a specific portion of their design. By using a pre-defined workflow, new and seasoned designers alike can create consistency throughout multiple designs and team members while quickly and efficiently completing their designs. The Rigid-Flex Custom Workflow provides a time saving way to develop rigid-flex PCB designs.

Software Requirements: OrCAD PCB Designer Professional version 17.4

Product Description

The Rigid-Flex Custom Workflow from EMA Design Automation simplifies the process of creating differential pairs in an OrCAD® PCB Design. Once installed, this workflow walks you through the steps to complete differential pair definition, rule setup, routing, delay tuning, and phase tuning to create successful differential pairs in your OrCAD PCB designs.


EMA Design Automation’s Rigid-Flex Custom Workflow walks you through the required steps and additional considerations to create a successful rigid-flex design. The pre-defined template provides streamlined access to board outline and stackup, zone and bend definition, inter-layer and zone-based rules, contour etch routing, 3D visualization, and more.


Software Requirements: OrCAD PCB Designer Professional version 17.4


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