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Common Challenges with Mentor Siemens Digital Industries PADS PCB

  • Lack of New Features and Investment
    Have you noticed the new feature notes for PADS seems to be shrinking each release? Is it clear Siemens has other priorities and is not focused on keeping up the pace of innovation to match your investment and needs?
  • No Scalability
    Are you being pressured to move to a more expensive Xpedition or PADS Pro (Xpedition Lite) platform that requires re-training, new libraries, and explicitly prevents backward compatibility with your PADS software?
  • Non-Existent Engineering Data Management
    Are you forced to either upgrade your entire design environment or limit yourself to ad hoc data management methods to keep your design files, versions, and libraries out of chaos because an integrated solution does not exist from Siemens for PADS users?
  • Limited & Disconnected Design Rules
    Limited routing rules in PADS not cutting it for today’s designs? Are you struggling with routing a DDR 3/4 design with PADS rule set? Are you having issues with BGA breakouts causing lots of errors, due to the lack of area rules?
  • Finding New Designers Familar with PADS
    Is staffing your team and keeping up with workload becoming an issue? As Siemens stops their investment in PADS is finding designers who are PADS knowledgeable becoming harder and harder?

Any of these issues familar?

If so, it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn more about what Cadence has to offer or reach out to one of our design experts to take advantage of our special offers to transition you to a PCB design platform with a future.


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