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How to Create Fanouts in OrCAD X Presto

Learn how to quickly create fanouts in OrCAD X Presto using graphical displays and modifiable parameters for efficient PCB layout.

How to Import an Altium PCB File in OrCAD X Presto

Quickly import an Altium PCB file in OrCAD X Presto to reuse IP and accelerate your PCB designs.

How to Design with Real-Time Shapes in OrCAD X Presto

Learn how to design with real-time shapes in OrCAD X Presto with shape islands, layering, shading, and more.

How to Add Delay Tuning in OrCAD X Presto

Learn how to add phase tuning and add delay tuning in OrCAD X Presto to meet design requirements.

How to Select Objects in OrCAD X Presto

Learn how to accurately select objects in OrCAD X Presto to efficiently layout crowded boards.

How to Use the Toolbar in OrCAD X Presto

Learn how to use the toolbar in OrCAD X Presto to access commonly-used commands and complete your PCB design as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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