Allegro Design Authoring

A robust, scalable, enterprise-enabled design creation solution.

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Advanced Schematic Editor

Create flat or hierarchical designs without requiring hierarchical or occurrence modes.

Efficient Design Reuse

Allegro Design Authoring gives multiple choices for design reuse — allowing you to save time, avoid errors, and choose the most effective approach for design.

Error Free BOMs
Fine-tuned control over bill of materials creation; ensuring parts lists meet your needs precisely and contain everything necessary for manufacturing analysis.

Comprehensive Part Creation

Enables creation and validation of symbols and parts data. Formats to enable a single-part library creation environment that can service a mixed-vendor PCB design flow.

Scalable Design

A solution that will grow with your business, providing the capabilities and features you need when you need them.

Constraint-Driven Design

Avoid unnecessary design risk by embedding constraints directly in the schmeatic, enabling easy and accurate communication of design.

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Design Creation Your Way with These Available Options

Allegro Design Authoring's “base plus options” model provides designers with exactly the features they need.




Create connectivity for your designs very quickly without requiring symbols or having to graphically connect pins/ports on symbols.


Ensure a shorter, predictable, and complete PCB design cycle from concept to manufacturing, eliminating the cost of unnecessary prototype iterations by integrating high-speed constraints with the connectivity through hierarchical, reusable electrical constraint sets (ECSets).

Design Publisher

Convert Allegro Design Authoring schematics to content-rich Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files—creating a secure, single-file representation of the design.

Team Design

Enable multiple design engineers to collaborate asynchronously in the hierarchical development of a logical design’s definition. This solution provides much needed flexibility for large, time-critical projects while accelerating the design creation process.

Effective Data Management

Manage data directly and enable global team design for ECAD, Earlier & easier creation of consolidated BOM, robust and secure management of IP, and more.

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