OrCAD Capture

Industry leading schematic capture environment for first pass success

Limitless Schematic Design

Hierarchical Design Support

Large Pre-Built Library

Component Management

Complex Rule Support

Integrated Simulation

Design Variants

Intelligent PDF Output

Comprehensive Schematic Design at Your Fingertips

Shorten your product design cycle with embedded rules, seamless PCB and simulation integration, automated design rule checks, and an integrated component library directly within your schematic canvas.

Electronic Rules Check
and Embedded Rules

Easily define and embed design rules in the schematic to drive the PCB layout and clearly communicate vital functionality requirements. The customizable ERC Matrix allows for easy definition of errors and warnings when testing connections between pins, hierarchical blocks, and hierarchical ports. Verify schematic accuracy with real-time design rule checks for common electrical, physical, and simulation errors.


Efficiently create designs from simple block diagrams to complex hierarchical, multi-sheet schematics with OrCAD’s comprehensive design environment. Work at peak efficiency with automated design cache for recently used components, reference designator assignment, annotation, and back annotation. Designed with your preferences in mind, OrCAD’s customizable workspace and toolbars along with its open design framework, TCL scripting, and app support, create an easily configurable user experience.

Expansive Component Library

Design efficiently with a standard library of commonly used schematic symbols including power, ground, off-page connectors, no connects, hierarchical blocks, and ports. Easily select parts from an extensive library of commonly used components including discretes, FPGAs, Opamps, Microcontrollers, and more. With integration to Samacsys and Ultra Librarian, easily view live parametric data for millions of components and quickly incorporate verified symbols, footprints, and 3D models into your design. Direct connection to your component database within the schematic canvas guarantees company-approved parts are selected for designs.

Clear and Accurate Reporting

Streamline design reviews with an intelligent PDF of the schematic and interactive identification of components, nets, connectivity, and more. Guarantee component purchasing and assembly with customizable component properties and Bill of Material creation. Accelerate BOM creation with predefined properties, templates, and automatic population of information directly from your component database to create zero-touch BOMs.

Seamless PCB and Simulation Integration

Seamlessly communicate design intent with one-click netlisting and PCB creation. Confidently pass information between the schematic and PCB with bi-directional publishing and automatic identification of changes. Perform early analysis on your critical high speed nets with built in signal integrity analysis. With integrated access to PSpice, easily simulate circuit behavior directly within the schematic; no design translations necessary.

Variant Support

Easily support world-wide production and manage component variations for multiple manufacturing and design requirements with OrCAD. Define differing component values or do not stuff components and efficiently communicate assembly changes with color-coded schematic information, variant bill of materials, and variant reports.
Streamlined Schematic Entry
Hierarchical and Multi-Sheet Schematics
Block Diagram Support
Snap Functions and Grids
Efficient Connectivity and Automatic Wiring
Automated Component Alignment and Distribution
Differential Pair Definition and Management
Graphical Design Compare
Comprehensive Project Hierarchy
Customizable Workspace and Open Design Framework
Automatic Titleblocks
Automated Design Cache
Comprehensive Schematic Search and Bookmarks
Picture and Documentation Support
Built-in Translators (Altium, Mentor, Eagle, more)
Integrated Access to Component Database
Integrated Part Manager
Part Status Notificaition
Design Variant Support
Color-Coded Variant Component Display
Libraries, Symbols, and Models
Schematic Symbol Editor
Library of Common Schematic Symbols
Library of Common Components
Millions of Symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models
Customizable Component Properties
Easy Association of Supporting Models
Centralized Component Data
Parametric Part Search
Temporary Part Management
Symbol and Footprint Preview
Streamlined Temporary Part Creation
With CIP
Easy New Part Introduction
With CIP
Automatic Population of Parametric Information
With CIP
Automatic Part numbers
With CIP
Part History
With CIP
Association of Simulation Models, Symbols, Footprints, Datasheets, and Documents
With CIP
Starter Component Database Schema
With CIP
5,000 Part Starter Database
With CIP
Bulk Import of Existing Components
With CIP
Access to Component Database Through Web Browser or OrCAD
With CIP
Streamlined Component Searches
With CIP
Customizable Permissions for Component Library
With CIP
Supply Chain Insights
Real-Time Pricing and Availability
With CIP
Real-Time Compliance Based Search
With CIP
Multi-Sourcing Support
With CIP
Integrated Distributor Information (Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, and More)
With CIP
With CIP
Cloud Enabled Services
Cloud-Based Workspaces
Managed User Roles
Customizable Permissions
File Management and Version Control
Integrated Part Authoring and Management
Promoted Library of Symbols and Footprints
Automatic Population of Parametric Information
Association of Simulation Models, Symbols, Footprints, and Datasheets
Comprehensive Rules and Checks
Electrical Design Checks
Physical Design Checks
Simulation Design Checks
Custom Design Checks
Customizable ERC Matrix
Define Design Check Exemptions
Real-Time Design Rule Checking
Embedded Rules
Net Property Definition and Management
Electrical Rule Definition and Management
Physical Rule Definition and Management
Spacing Rule Definition and Management
Streamlined Integration
PCB Layout Creation and Automatic Netlist Generation within your Schematic
Real-Time Design Synchronization
ECO Support
Cross Probing and Cross Placement of Components Between Schematic and PCB
Integrated Spice Simulation
Signal Integrity Simulation
Accurate Reporting
Standard PDF Output of the Schematic
Intelligent PDF Output of Schematic
Automatic Netlist Generation
Customizable Bill of Material (BOM)
Automated Zero-Touch Bill of Material (BOM) Creation
BOM Templates
Relational BOM Support
BOM Variant Support
Variant Report
Easy BOM Import/Export
With CIP
Easy BOM Revisioning
With CIP

Get the Most Our of Your Schematic Design Tool

Get the most out of OrCAD Capture with these additional integrations. OrCAD Capture Component Information Portal (CIP) simplifies part management and selection with an easy-to-use interface integrated directly within OrCAD Capture. OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) allows you to manage all aspects of your design data and ensure seamless team collaboration with features such as revision control and library management. Get control over the supply chain with access to critical part information and identify unorderable, obsolete, and high-risk parts directly in the schematic using SE Connect BOM Risk. Constraint Design EE effortlessly manages your high-speed PCB Design rules at the schematic level.

OrCAD PCB Designer

See how OrCAD PCB Designer seamlessly integrates OrCAD Capture and PCB Layout for the ultimate design experience

OrCAD PSpice Designer

Learn how OrCAD PSpice Designer can easily verify schematic functionality directly with OrCAD Capture.